Women smoking cigars? Naturally.

Anyone who hasn’t noticed the dramatic increase of women smoking cigars just hasn’t been paying attention. In huge numbers, women are dropping dainty cigarettes for a more substantive grip on a stogie.

While that may bother some, it’s good news for women. (Why should men have all the fun?) Today’s modern woman recognizes none of the old taboos against women and cigars. In the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, men could not keep them from taking jobs in the work world and expanding their presence in roles far removed from the home. So don’t expect women to stop at lighting up a good Cuban. Their numbers still represent only about one percent of the total number of cigar smokers, but observers expect that number to inch up quickly over the next few years.

Why the trend? If you’re like many women, you may have experienced it as a natural outgrowth of both the women’s rights movement or a recognition of the positive health advantages of cigars over cigarettes. Maybe you like the ritual of lighting and handling the cigar. Or maybe you simply like the taste, the aroma, or the easy camaraderie that comes when you share your smoking experience with other women or men. In other words, women tend to like cigar smoking for the same reason that men do.

This site is devoted to women and cigars. Welcome.

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Women Who Smoke Cigars...

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