Cigar etiquette for women.

You’ll find it easy to fit in with other cigar smokers, especially since the majority of them are male, if you follow the commonly accepted rules of cigar etiquette.

  1. Smoke only where appropriate.
    Be conscious of the relatively strong aroma of cigars. Not everyone shares your fondness for the smell. Some of your friends who may be perfectly OK with cigarette smoking cannot tolerate the aroma of cigars (their loss!). So it is always a courteous gesture to ask the person who owns the room or facility you’re in if it’s OK to smoke there. Remember that many people do not want the smell of cigars in their homes, clothing or hair. If your smoking causes a problem, suggest the group move to an outdoor area when the smoke has more room to dissipate. Otherwise, save your cigar for a later time.

  2. Clean up after yourself.
    Cigars tend to leave larger quantities of ashes or bad aromas than do, say, cigarettes or pipes. So take care to clean up after yourself. See that old butts are properly disposed of. Imagine the impact you can make if you show up with your own portable air filter—shows your sensitive to your host and other guests.

  3. Learn the fine points of cigar smoking.
    You’ll never go wrong by investing some time learning the finer points of lighting a cigar, nursing the fire or any of a dozen other practices that have developed over time around cigar smoking. Because you’re a woman, it may even be more important to learn these practices, since men will enjoy pointing out your “mistakes” any time you give them a chance. Of course, if you encounter such a man, it’s always a good idea to ask him for his counsel. That strokes his ego, and you certainly don’t have to follow his advice.

  4. Educate yourself about different brands.
    When you start smoking cigars, you enter into a small and exclusive club. Learn what you like among the different brands and techniques...and here’s the best tip of all: share your ideas and opinions with your fellow cigar lovers when asked. Cigar smokers love to talk endlessly about...cigars. Indulge them, and you’ll fit in every time.