Custom Label Cigars

Lookiing to make your mark on the world? Want to give that special gift for a good friend or relative? Why not consider getting a custom label cigar? Smoking your own branded cigar really makes a statement about your confidence about yourself as a female cigar smoker.

As they say "It's Time To Get Personal!"

What to Look For

Custom (or Private) Label cigars are available from a number of vendors with varying degrees of quality. Generally, you'll be looking for a flavorful cigar that falls into the mild or medium range (since the people that end up smoking these cigars may not be able to handle something stronger) but should be of the highest quality construction. Something with a Connecticut wrapper for the mild tastes and perhaps a Habano or Corojo wrapper for those who like a bit more strength from their cigars. Best to look for cigars that are hand-made with long-filler tobaccos from Honduras or the Dominican Republic.

The size and shape of the cigars will depend upon the recipient. If you are buying for yourself, fantastic! Choose the size that best suits your smoking patterns. Popular sizes include Churchill's (7" by 48 ring gauge), Robusto (5" to 6"x50 to 54 ring gauge)  or Toro (6 1/8" x 52 ring gauge). Our experience is that Torpedos (conical-shaped cigars about 6 1/2" long) don't make as good a gift or hand-out as many people are unfamiliar with this shape and approach it with trepidation.  If the Custom Label Cigars are for your business to hand out at parties or tradeshows, you might want to stick with the Robustos for economies sake or Churchills if you really want to make an impression. 

You want to find a vendor that not only provides you with top notch cigars but you also want one that gives you the highest quality artwork, not just simple-minded templates with your name on them. Look for a vendor that gives you the best of both worlds at rock bottom prices. We recommend the Tobacco Barn for your Custom Label cigar needs.

Custom Cigars as Gifts

  • What sort of events are suitable for for gifting custom label cigars? Well, the first one everybody thinks about centers around the birth of a child. Whether it is a birth announcement, baby arrives or the traditional It's A Boy or It's A Girl cigar who can think of a better way to celebrate the start of a new life? 
  • Have a friend who's graduating? Why not give them the gift that keeps on giving with a graduation package that they can share with friends and teachers? It will certainly go further than cash.
  • Birthdays, especially landmarks like 21, 30, 40, 50 or 60, make ideal opportunities for custom label cigars.


For best presentation when you give someone with their own custom label cigars, you will want to look for a gift set that includes a nice humidor and cutter to go along with their cigars.

Of course, if you really wanted to make points, you could include a lighter with the present like something from Zippo, Colibri, S.T. Dupont or Vector.