Premium Cigars

Looking to get into some premium cigars? Below you'll find a great reference section on the various brands of Premium Cigars. Not only can you use this information to further your knowledge when discussing stogies with your friends, but you'll find a great selection and prices here as well.

Remember, when you are talking about Premium cigars, you are referring to hand-made cigars, usually with long fillers rather than machine-made cigars that use medium or short filler. The cigar brands below should all fill this bill.

If you are interested in flavored cigars, there are really only a few names to know about to cover the world of flavored cigars:

  • Drew Estates - They make best selection of infused cigars today, hands down. Some of their top sellers include the aromatic Acid Blue, Gold, One and Red cigars and the sweet Natural lines. They are so good at it, they make flavored cigars for other manufacturers like Java for Rocky Patel as well as the ever-popular Sauza and Kahlua cigars. 
  • Cojimar - Cojimar is perhaps one of the most successful manufacturer of flavored cigars. While they are perhaps a step below Drew Estates cigars they are great for the occassional smoker
  • Tatiana - Tatianas are all hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic and in addition to their little and medium sized cigars in the Regulars line, their Trios line provides an exciting new group of cigars like Groovy Blue, Waking Dream and Nightcap to stir your tastebuds.  

Here's our top list of Premium Cigars that every informed cigar smoker (male or female) should know about:

  • Rocky Patel - Rocky has risen rapidly to become one of the most innovative and influential cigar makers in the industry today. Not only do his cigars like the Edge and Old World Reserves continue to win acclaim, but he manufacturers cigars for a number of other producers.
  • Camacho - Camacho's cigars, as the name might imply, carry quite a punch in or out of the ring.
  • CAO - CAO continues to produce some of the most memorable cigars around including their Bella Vanilla, Brazillia, Italia, America, Criolo, Vision and Soprano cigars.
  • Tatuaje - Tatuaje (tah-to-ah-hey) is Spanish for tattoo and is now an old world, full-bodied Cuban-styled cigar made in the U.S. after being created by Pete Pete Johnson.
  • Padron - Looking for the ultimate smoke for yourself or a loved one? You just can't beat the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series or their Padron Serie 1926. They are 1 and 2 on our list of cigars of the century. 
  • Romeo y Julieta - Hard not to think of the romance of smoking cigars when you hear this name.
  • La Flor Dominicana - Litto Gomez is producing the widest range of cigars available today from the mild but flavorful Premium Line to the uber-strong Double Ligeros there should be a smoke to fit every woman's desires.
  • Torano - The Torano family has been making fine cigars since 1916, first in Cuba and then the Dominican Republic after Castro nationalized the cigar industry in Cuba. Their Exodus 1959 cigars celebrate this flight from their homeland while their Virtuoso cigars are a true treasure.
  • Arturo Fuente - Founded in 1912, Fuente is one of the oldest cigar companies still continuously making premium stogies. Now manufactured in the Dominican Republic, they are known for their Hemingway, 858 and Curly Head Cigars.
  • AVO - Avo Uvezian's are masterpieces, much like the Jazz legend's music itself.
  • Cohiba - The name Cohiba is synonymous with cigars for many folks. These medium-to-full bodied cigars are considered to be in the Cuban tradition.
  • Hoyo de Monterrey - From it's birth using Cuban cigar seeds smuggled out of Cuba in a diplomatic pouch to the powerhouse it is today, Hoyo's cigars like the luscious  Dark Sumatra continue to be "go to" cigars for many smokers.
  • Punch - When you light up a Punch cigar, you're not only smoking a bold expression of the cigar maker's art, you're smoking history, for Punch is a legendary cigar with a rich history in Cuba as well as in England. Above all, this is the cigar with the taste that's true to its name.

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